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Cloud Computing: Top Industry Certifications

Cloud Computing Professionals

Is your company looking for the right IT talent for the operation and management of your evolving cloud computing platform needs? As you consider which IT candidates are best suited for your organization, paying attention to the types of certifications on candidates’ resumes can help you determine which individuals will be the biggest asset to …

Case Study: Providing Technology Solutions

TekPartners Case Study - Technology Solutions

Business Situation The client needed to hire 10-15 people within 60 days to meet a high priority project deadline, so the ideal solution was a vendor experienced with delivering Software Engineers (product development – Cloud, Mobile, Web) in a timely manner without sacrificing quality.

How to Choose Between Two Top Candidates

Choosing the Right IT Staff

Have you ever found yourself torn between two exceptional candidates for the same job? With the tech talent shortage causing major staffing issues for many employers, this can certainly be an excellent problem to have! Depending on your organization’s specific needs and goals, there are some ways to narrow down your choice in your quest …