Why You Should Shorten Your Hiring Process

Shorten Your Hiring Process

Are your candidates dropping out of the process all the time? A slow hiring process may be to blame! There are many reasons it’s important to evaluate your current hiring protocols and the speed in which you handle candidates from the point of application to final hiring decisions. In addition to improving the candidate experience, shortened hiring can be beneficial to the functioning of your organization at large.

Here are just some of the reasons to working on expediting your hiring process:

Keep candidates engaged. A long, dragged out hiring process can result in candidates becoming quickly disinterested with your company and potentially withdrawing their applications altogether. Speeding up your hiring process keeps candidates engaged, as they’ll appreciate receiving updates about the status of their application or your company’s hiring timeline. You can also increase engagement by informing candidates of ways they can learn more about your company, such as watching videos on your website or following your social media pages.

Attract higher-quality talent. When you provide candidates with an efficient hiring process, they’ll be quick to tell others about their positive experience applying to your company. Making a favorable impression on candidates is one of the easiest ways to build a positive reputation for your company and ultimately attract higher-quality talent in the long run. Remember, top candidates are seeking employers who value and respect their time. Investing in your candidate experience will have major payoffs in generating more employee referrals and increasing the quality of talent you attract to future positions.

Maintain high productivity and performance. Failing to move the hiring process along will create significant staffing shortages that could leave your organization in limbo and negatively affect your bottom line. The faster you can fill open positions, the better your company will function at its optimal level, even during challenging times.

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