Jay Bevilacqua

Jay Bevilacqua serves as the Chief Executive Officer of TekPartners. As CEO, Jay ensures the overall success of the organization and guides the company’s culture in addition to its business and financial strategies.

His responsibilities include managing the company’s overall strategic planning, overseeing the implementation of short- and long-term strategies, ensuring that the teams have the resources they need, assessing and increasing operational efficiencies, as well as supervising the execution of the operational budget. In addition to these responsibilities for TekPartners, Jay serves as the CEO for P2P Shared Services, which consists of the Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, and Marketing departments.

As CEO, Jay is instrumental in guiding TekPartners through an ever-changing IT and professional services industry to position the company for long-term success. He regularly works with the company’s Founders to report on the business and its performance, and to set the company’s vision for the future. In addition to these duties, Jay’s responsibilities as CEO include being an ambassador for the company and its Core Values, spearheading company initiatives and leading the organization in significant growth.

Jay joined the organization in the company’s third year of business and has been instrumental in its growth ever since. Always focused on helping clients achieve their missions and providing life-changing opportunities for both staff and consultants, Jay has been consistent in helping to move the company forward into the future as the industry evolves. He previously served as Executive Vice President and later as President before being promoted to CEO in 2020, helping TekPartners achieve great success and growth throughout the years through his contributions.

Prior to joining TekPartners, Jay held leadership positions with three nationally recognized technology and healthcare service organizations in Florida and North Carolina. Throughout his career, he has served on the boards of various community and industry organizations. Jay holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing from the University of Central Florida.