Getting Your Team Re-engaged

Team Building and Engagement

With the year soon coming to a close, you may be noticing your employees losing steam in their day-to-day work. As your organization evolves and employees come and go, it’s critical to continuously re-engage your existing staff, as well as your new hires. Sustaining a sense of momentum and motivation among your staff will propel them to keep moving ahead in full force as the seasons change. Here are some core strategies to incorporate into your employee engagement and retention efforts:

Embrace a “we’re all in this together” mentality. Treating your employees like they’re on an island all by themselves is no way to build a strong culture. Rather than segmenting your leadership team from your IT staff, create an environment in which everybody can feel comfortable collaborating, asking questions, and contributing their ideas. One way to build a cohesive unit among your entire organization is by setting shared goals and objectives that every person can work towards in some capacity. This creates a sense of unity while fostering a workplace culture in which everybody feels valued.

Give the power of choice. Empowering your employees with the ability to choose is one of the most impactful ways you can re-engage them in their work and your organization. For instance, have you considered allowing your employees to pick which types of projects or assignments they’d like to take on? While this is not always feasible, there are likely some ways in which you can give them options and offer them a chance to grow professionally on their terms. Many organizations offer free training seminars or lunch-and-learns that are optional to employees. By extending professional development opportunities such as these, you’ll quickly discover your IT team becoming more engaged not only in their jobs but in their careers.

Show appreciation and give due credit. Your IT employees work hard all year and deserve some much-earned recognition! Making an effort to recognize your staff both as a collective group and individually will show your team their work does not go unnoticed. Verbal appreciation is the simplest yet most effective way to generate positive vibes among your staff and boost morale. Remember, a little uplifting reinforcement can go a long way in keeping your people focused, excited and engaged!

Re-engaging your team is not always an easy process, but implementing the strategies above will ultimately pay off dividends in the long run!

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