Case Study: Application Modernization

TekPartners Case Study - Application Modernization

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Business Situation

The client had been struggling with a number of interrelated issues for some time. This was in part due to the client outgrowing its system infrastructure. While this growth meant success in the client’s field, it also meant the client needed new features to accommodate the growing business.

The most urgent problem revolved around the client’s call center functionality. The call center’s interactive voice response (IVR) system allowed for call routing only, resulting in an inability to efficiently queue the calls. The outdated system was also prone to stability issues including dropped calls, intermittent locking and unexpected restarts. There was no throttling in place to increase or decrease the volume of outbound calls.

The client’s staff had little control over the call queue, lacking the ability to account for call volume fluctuations at peak times and on particularly high volume dates. These problems were causing a great deal of difficulty for the client’s staff, dissatisfaction among the client’s customers, and costing both time and money in order to defray the effects of the delays and missed opportunities.

The client needed a solution to these inefficiencies as soon as possible, so they turned to TekPartners to get the missing functionality needed to get things running smoothly.

The Solution

TekPartners assigned one of its most senior application leaders to this project in recognition of the urgency required to get the client on track as soon as possible. As an expert in this particular area, the consultant was able to complete the project very quickly, adding enhanced functionality to the system using .NET Core, MVC Core, Kendo UI and Chart.JS.

The project work included adding visibility into the client’s backend call center processes by delivering charts for analysis as well as functionality to control the call queue from the UI. This gave the client the newly added ability to control the default settings as well as adding in individual date overrides. These enhancements to the IVR system would give the client the ability to better control the call systems and be able to serve customers in a far more sophisticated capacity. The resulting product was a stable IVR platform with enhanced features to better serve the client’s needs.


When the client called on TekPartners to assist with these projects, TekPartners was able to deliver a product in far less time and with a significantly lower cost to the client than the competition, getting the client’s business back to running smoothly with immense savings. The top competitor expected to complete the project in approximately 8 months, whereas TekPartners was able to do so in under two months.

This is in line with the TekPartners brand promise to provide a Rapid Response, Proven Talent and Exceptional Service at every opportunity. We have been a trusted and proven technology solutions firm since 2002 because of our dedication to dealing fairly with our clients and delivering superior service.

Technologies Supported

.NET Core, Chart.JS, Kendo UI, MVC Core

Client Profile

The client is a specialty pharmacy serving patients by ensuring that their prescriptions can get from the doctor’s office right to the patient’s door. By shipping prescriptions with a quick turnaround, this client helps patients get medications in a timely manner with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that a trustworthy pharmacy is handling the process.


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