Our Process

TekPartners Process Image

TekPartners™ uses its proprietary TekSource® talent acquisition process to match proven technology professionals with world class organizations. Through decades of experience in talent acquisition and workforce solutions, TekPartners excels in delivering high performance results through their disciplined, proven methodologies.

1. Identification

The candidate identification process begins with a complete understanding of the client’s distinctive requirements. Our trained Account Managers and Recruiters are all seasoned professionals in the industries we specialize in and recognize the unique needs of the businesses we support. We take on the role of an extension to our client’s organization, ensuring that all candidates are thoroughly screened and the highest qualified candidate ultimately gets the position.

2. Qualification

Our staffing team is extremely knowledgeable and highly qualified, with years of experience in the industry. We conduct complex screenings of all candidates including skill level, salary requirements, availability, geographic location, and commute. Only the highest qualified candidates will be invited to our offices for an in-person interview with a Recruiter and Account Manager. TekPartners uses numerous methods to assess and verify the skill levels of our candidates including evaluation software and assessment testing. The assessments are saved within the candidate’s file and are accessible for client review upon request. Our goal is to find the most qualified candidate for our clients.

3. Interview

All of our local candidates are required to meet with our Recruiters and Account Managers prior to interviewing with the client. The designated Account Manager acts as the final review in evaluating the potential candidates’ qualifications and credibility. The Recruiter determines which candidates best fit the job description as well as our client’s culture. The highest qualified candidates are then submitted to the client for review.

4. Verification

Our recruiting professionals require candidates to submit three business references at the time of the qualification interview. During the initial screening and qualification phase, a minimum of one of the references is contacted prior to submitting the candidate’s credentials to our client. The remaining references are contacted and checked once the client interview process enters the offer stage.

5. Preparation

TekPartners takes the preparation phase very seriously. We expect candidates to be completely prepared for each meeting throughout the interview phase. The time that our clients must spend interviewing is time spent away from running their business. We expect our candidates to be prepared to discuss their credentials and how they relate to the job opportunity. Candidates must also be familiar with the organizations’ culture and industry. After each interview, we conduct a detailed debrief to ensure that both the client and candidate are equally comfortable with the relevant expectations and capabilities.

6. Make Offer

Making an offer to candidates is a phase that we take personally. We take the role of advocates on behalf of our clients as well as our candidates. It is our responsibility to assist our clients in making the right hiring decisions. We spend more time than our competition learning what is most important to our clients and candidates and truly listen to what they are telling us. In turn, we have a higher success rate of closing our candidates and maintaining the satisfaction of our clients. Our success rates are also correlated to working with top-notch candidates and world-class client organizations.

7. Follow-Up

TekPartners’ job is not done once one of our consultants or full-time candidates begins his or her opportunity. We continually follow-up with all parties to make sure the placement is going well. We believe in establishing long-lasting relationships and we truly want to become “partners” with our clients, consultants, and candidates.