TekPartners Incentive Program

Introducing the TekPartners Incentive Program (TIP)


What is the TekPartners Incentive Program?

The TekPartners Incentive Program (TIP) is a referral program designed to maximize our ability in serving the U.S. IT labor market. Your referrals of either IT professionals or IT job openings allow TekPartners to gain even greater access to the critical resources companies are seeking today and the dream careers professionals are searching for.

How Much Does TekPartners TIP?

When your referral either gets placed or your job opening is filled, it’s time to collect your reward for awesome service.

Payout Tip Tier Salary Thresholds
$250 Bronze $1 – $50,000
$400 Silver $50,001 – $85,000
$600 Gold $85,001 or more
$1,000 Platinum 3 Referrals, Any Salary


Whom May I Refer?

Any IT Professionals and/or an open IT job in the U.S.

Who Can Submit For A TIP?

Anyone is eligible and can refer IT candidates and/or open IT positions.

How Do I Submit For A TIP?

It’s easy! Simply complete the form below. Then click submit!

If you’re a current TekPartners Consultant, you may also email your recruiter directly.

What if I have a question?

Contact us at HQ@tekpartners.com and one of our Recruiters will be in touch within 24 hours.


Disclaimers: You will receive the payout upon the completion of the referrals 90th day of employment.


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